Jeremy Creek is the title character of the poem of the same name written by Charmaine Severson, and as such, he is also the protagonist of the poem's animated adaptation, The Town Santa Forgot, produced in 1993 by Hanna-Barbera.

At the beginning of the story, Jeremy is a spoiled brat who owns every toy imaginable but isn't satisfied with it, and he makes his parents buy more toys for him by throwing tantrums. Finally, his parents get sick of it and vow to stop buying him toys. Jeremy then decides to simply ask Santa Claus for all the toys he wants, so he writes up a list half a mile long and sends it during June.

When Christmas Eve comes, Jeremy waits for Santa on his roof, but to his dismay, Santa just passes him by. The next morning, Jeremy finds out from a report on TV that his toys had been delivered to a poor swamp town that just happens to have the same name as him. At first, this upsets Jeremy, but when the kids in the swamp town say they want to send out their thanks to whoever was responsible for Santa visiting them, his heart melts and he realizes that it truly is better to give than receive. He starts sharing his toys with all the other kids in his neighborhood, and every Christmas Eve, assists Santa in his annual trip until he grows too old to fit in the sleigh.

At the end of the special, it is revealed that Jeremy is the old man who has been telling the story to his grandchildren.

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