"Jingle Balls" is the first Christmas episode of the NBC sitcom Will & Grace, originally produced and aired in its fourth season.


Will is dating a new guy named Robert who is a ballet dancer, but is reluctant to introduce him to Grace. Grace sneakily invites Robert over for dinner and Will is incredibly over-sensitive about Robert's flamboyant danciness and over-analyzes everything Grace says about him. Will accuses Grace of being judgmental, but quickly realizes that Robert does embarrass him and ends the relationship. Jack finagles his way into designing a window at Barney's, but he does a terrible job and his evil boss threatens him with losing his job if he doesn't fix it. Jack prays to Santa for help while Karen asks Grace even though Jack screwed Grace over to get the design job in the first place. Grace secretly redesigns Jack's window and does a great job. Jack thinks it's a Christmas miracle from Santa.

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