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"Jingle Cans" is the second segment of the seventeenth episode of the second season of the television show Pucca. It first aired July 10, 2008.


After noticing the Vagabond Ninja Clan having a hard time finding food in the cold, Pucca and her friends arrange a charity food drive where everyone in Sooga Village must donate cans of food for them. Unaware that the cans are for them, the Vagabonds plan to steal some for themselves.


It's Christmas season in Sooga Village as Pucca and her friends start the holidays by making a feast at Goh-Rong, which includes a turkey, jajang noodles, and Garu-shaped sugar cookies. Outside, the Vagabonds are shivering from the cold as Chief serves an ice chunk for dinner. Shaman tries to turn it into real food, but only changes the ice's shape into that of a turkey, much to their disappointment. Feeling sympathetic that they have no food, Ching decides to offer the Vagabonds their food. But as it turns out, Abyo has eaten all of the food (he says that he was starving), much to her and Pucca's anger.

The next day, Ching tells Pucca that she has told everyone in town to donate some of their cans for the food drive and the latter uses her sled to collect all the cans everyone has donated. With all the cans ready, all that they have to do is to find Chief, Clown, and Shaman. With Officer Bruce's help, Pucca, Garu, Abyo, and Ching set off to find them. Unbeknownst to anyone, the Vagabonds are listening to their conversation. Convinced that they are not sharing the cans they collected and unaware that they are for them, the Vagabonds hatch a plan to steal all, or at least, some of the cans for themselves.

Their first attempt was to distract the four with snowballs and steal the cans from underground. However, they didn't take the weight of all the cans into account as the pile falls onto them. As the Vagabonds come to, they notice Bruce's police car and, believing that they were caught red-handed, make a quick run for it and hide under a giant bell. Bruce's tries to call out to them, to no avail.

At the lake, Pucca and Ching decide to ice skate to pass the time, dragging the boys along. With the four distracted and the cans left unattended, the Vagabonds (disguised as snowpeople) set their second attempt in stealing the cans in motion. Unfortunately, they get themselves caught in the middle of Pucca, Garu, Ching, and Abyo's skating, leading to them getting trapped in a heart-shaped ice block. They notice Bruce's police car again and flee, this time using Shaman as an improvised sled to evade the police officer. This leads to Shaman crashing into a rock and Clown and Chief landing on a tree branch, which breaks off, making them fall off a cliff.

The Vagabonds' third and final attempt to steal the cans is dangling a mistletoe in front of the girls and tricking them into kissing their boyfriends. With four distracted again, the Vagabonds run toward the cans. However, Shaman trips on a rock and slams into the pile, causing it to slide downhill and up a mountain, where it stops, much to their relief. Just then, a can falls off the pile and rolls down the slope. It forms a giant snowball which traps the Vagabonds and carries them all the way to Sooga Village.

Back in Sooga Village, the townspeople are preparing for the holidays, with Santa decorating a Christmas tree in the middle of town. Suddenly, everyone starts to panic when they notice the giant snowball heading in their direction. Fortunately, Pucca kicks the snowball, snapping it in half and avoiding the tree. The Vagabonds successfully got their can just before Ching tells them to stay where they are as she and her friends were gonna give away the rest of the cans to them. Still convinced that they are caught red-handed, Shaman casts a disappearing spell to bring himself, Clown, and Chief to a safer place. Just like most of his spells, it fails to work as it only leads to the entire Christmas tree, except for the star on top, to burn to a crisp, much to anger of Santa and the townspeople. Caught red-handed for real, the Vagabonds flee the scene again, with Santa and townspeople angrily grabbing and throwing cans from the pile and the Vagabonds catching a handful of cans as they escape.

In the forest outside Sooga Village, the Vagabonds start to eat what they finally have. To their dismay, though, they are unable to open the cans since they forgot to bring a can opener. Fortunately, Pucca and co. arrive to open the cans for them. The segment ends with Pucca, Ching, Garu, Abyo, Officer Bruce, and the Vagabonds enjoying a great feast for the holidays and Santa saying "Merry Christmas, everyone!"

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