Joan of Arc is one of the main characters from the MTV-Teletoon animated series, Clone High. She is a goth, atheistic genetic clone of the Catholic French revolutionist, Jeanne D'arc. Joan is best friends with Abe Lincoln, who she has a secret crush on. Unfortunately for her, she's been friend zoned, as Abe openly tells her about his love for his crush, turned girlfriend, Cleopatra. Joan knows how Cleopatra is truly a heartless scumbag, whose relationship with Abe is nothing more than superficial, but can't seem to get through to Abe about it. Joan is not one to conform, and unlike the other genetic clones, Joan refuses to be Christian activist her clonemother was, personally not believing in God. She is, however, still an activist, but for the kinds of things she believes in and not her clonemother. Despite she's the protagonist of the series, she appeared in and served as the main antagonist of the Clone High Christmas special.
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