Jojo: The Violet Mystery (French: Jojo: Le Mystère Violaine) is an animated Christmas special based on the Jojo comics by the Belgian cartoonist André Geerts. The special is an adaptation of the Jojo volumes La fugue de Jojo (1989), Le mystère Violaine (1991), and Le serment d'amitié (1994). It was produced by Dupuis Audiovisuel and TF1.

This special is not the first animated adaptation of the Jojo comics, as there is a series of dialogue-free micro-shorts from 1994 titled "Jojo Moments."


Jojo and Fat Louis have a new classmate, a big nosed girl named Violet. Their class makes fun of her, but she figures a way to turn her classmates into friends by stealing late passes. However, after the principal punishes Violet for this scheme, she runs away on Christmas Eve and both boys look for her.

Santa Claus appears riding a sleigh, which is pulled by a horse.


The French version debuted in December 2000 on Belgian, French, and Swiss TV networks. An English version also exists. However, it is barely acknowledged, whether or not it aired at all. There is a clip of the English version on the Mediatoon Distribution website. The English version can be found as an audio track on at least the German DVDs (titled Jojo - Die Geschichte einer wahren Freundschaft and JoJo - Ein Wintermärchen), the Hungarian DVD A rejtélyek éjszakája, and an Indian DVD bearing the English title.

Although there was a report on a Jojo series in production as of 2002, it's unknown if it ever saw the light of day.

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