The In Search of Santa arrangement of "Jolly Old St. Nicholas" is the final song of the feature. It is arranged by musicians Michael Lloyd and Keith Heffner using the horn for the first-half of the original's melody and the xylophone for the traditional Chinese music in a combination of original and adapted scores.


As Santa comments to The Pirates of the "Blubber Belly" about his martial arts mastery is lesser-known, he uses his skills to turn his red suit to the black suit with red Chinese symbols, scaring the Pirates away, along with his proof, to leave his City in the North Pole as the crowd cheers.

Lucy then asks Santa "But, why?". Santa laughs about the Pirates' exit from the city, and he has something to show her & Princess Crystal something in his office of his Castle.


[As the toys, sweets and bows fall down from the fireworks, The Pirates of the "Blubber Belly" is disappointed with their fail attempt of blowing up Santa's City into smitherians.]
Timebomb Tom: Uh, no "ka-boom!"?
Santa: Not today, Tom. My jolliness is a matter of public record.
My mastery of the martial arts…
(o.s.; cut to the Pirates) …is lesser-known.
[The music starts as Santa uses his lesser-known martial arts mastery to turn his red suit to the black suit with red Chinese symbols. The Pirates is shocked when they see he suit.]
Santa: Leave this place.
[The crowd cheers]
Tom: Uh, what about the treasure?
Santa: Oh, keep it, for all the good it will do you.
[The music then serges into the brief Reprise of "Capn' Cragg's Pirate Song", as the Pirates exits the City, carrying their proof along.]
Princess Lucinda: (to Santa) But, why?
Santa: (laughing) You'll see.
(to her & Crystal) Now I have something to show you.
[The Princesses is excited. The scene fades.]

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