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"Just Believe" is one of the three original song from the Columbia TriStar Home Video presentation: The Nuttiest Nutcracker. It was performed by Peabo Bryson

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Don't Cry Lady

you can be

so happy

don't think

then you're

alone when

your heart

is hurt

and you're far

from home.

Just reach out

your hand

I will hold

it and help

you stand

feel the love

that's all around

god's love

showing down.

Don't cry

and you

will see

things will

turn up


it's sitting

there in front

of you

you only

have to Choose.

I'm always here

by your side

just believe

just to believe

that you are loved

more than you know.

Don't cry, don't cry

please don't cry

I love you so.