Just in Time for Christmas is a Hallmark Hall of Fame presentation, starring Eloise Mumford, Michael Stahl-David, Christopher Lloyd, and William Shatner, that premiered on the Hallmark Channel on December 5, 2015, as part of the Channel's sixth annual Countdown to Christmas event.


A young psychology professor must choose between moving across the country for her dream job or staying in her hometown to marry the man of her dreams. On a foggy December night, she gets little help from a Coachman, who brings her three years into the future and shows her what her life will become.


Eloise MumfordLindsay Rogers
Michael Stahl-DavidJason Stewart
Christopher LloydGrandpa Bob
William ShatnerCoachman
Laura SoltisShannon Rogers
Alisson AmigoAllison
Aubrey ArnasonAshley Noon
Tess AtkinsBecca
Aurelio DinunzioGino
Meghan DuffyEmma Bee
Darla FayAndi
Deborah FinkelKathy
Grayson GabrielRyan
Aisling GoodmanKissing Couple
Anthony HarrisonGardner
Rob HeschlDr. Stefan Gustaf
Christina JastrzembskaMrs. Jamison
Sean McNamaraTech Director
Lily PaterBackground Extra
Manoj SoodRichard
Veena SoodDean Jackson
Andrew TaitWinter Carnival Guest
Lucia WaltersDean Jackman
Yolanda & Denis Corbett
Coffee Shop patrons
Christmas strollers
Laurie Empey (uncredited)Book Signing Fan
Trent Pryor (uncredited)Camerman
James Slevan (uncredited)Christmas walker #3

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