"Kangaroo Christmas" is the Xmas episode, set in Australia, of the U.K. CGI show Thomas and Friends: Big World, Big Adventures, which debuted in the U.S. on the Nick Jr. channel on Saturday December 15th. It got paired up with the show's another episode "Hunt the Truck".


Thomas spends Christmas in Australia, and is disappointed that there is no snow because the weather is too hot. He cheers up when a little girl called Madeleine shows him her toy kangaroo. Whilst Madeleine is helping her father, a real kangaroo mistakes the toy kangaroo for her joey. Thomas tries to catch up with the kangaroo, but is unable to, much to his disappointment.

Thomas finds a joey near the track and asks Isla to help bring the mother kangaroo closer to the train. The mother kangaroo reunites with her joey, and Madeleine remarks that next year she will ask Santa Claus for a real kangaroo.


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