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Kitty Wilde is a main character from the Fox musical comedy-drama show Glee. Kitty is an alumna of William McKinley High School where she was captain of the Cheerios and a member of the New Directions.

Kitty is introduced as a mean popular girl who is disliked by almost everyone. Kitty manipulates and bullies Marley Rose making her believe that she has a weight problem, while pretending to be her friend. Because of this manipulation, Marley ends up developing an eating disorder, which comes to breaking point in episode "Thanksgiving", when she faints at Sectionals. Throughout the season, Kitty slowly becomes more open and friendly, apologizing to Marley and becoming an active member of the Glee Club. She also becomes good friends with Unique Adams throughout her time in the glee club.

In Season Five, she begins a relationship with Artie in episode "Love, Love, Love", despite her initial concerns about going public. Kitty supports Tina after she is Carrie'd in Tina in the Sky with Diamonds, despite her alliance with the Cheerios. During this season, her harshness towards the rest of the members of the club is greatly lessened.

After the glee club was disbanded, she consequently broke up with Artie. In Season Six, it is seen that she is still a Cheerio and the only one out of the latest members of the glee club who was never transferred to another school. Her old behaviour returns since she felt she was mistreated by Artie and the rest of the original group. In episode "The Hurt Locker, Part Two", she rejoins New Directions and she's been shown to have a nicer attitude to Rachel and the new additions to the club similar to how she was before the disbandment. In episode "Dreams Come True", after winning the Nationals with the New Directions, she graduated from McKinley and living a happy life, being a kind person and keeps in touch with her old friends.

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