Kubla Kraus is the main villain from the 1979 Rankin/Bass Christmas special Jack Frost.

Kubla Kraus was once the "king of the Cossacks", but they abandoned him, leaving him to rule the small village of January Junction. He lived in a large palace on Miserable Mountain with his companion, a ventriloquist's dummy who he named Dommy, and his army of Keh-Knights, amongst other robotic servants. Kubla is shown to be incredibly lonely, having only his iron-clad servants for company, and resentful of the fact that he isn't more powerful (as shown in the musical sequence "There's The Rub"), despite all the gold and other riches he had stolen from the residents of January Junction.

During the events of the special, Kubla kidnaps Elisa in an attempt to "woo her" and force her to marry him. Shortly after she is rescued by Jack Frost with the assistance of Sir Ravenal Rightfellow, he plots to dispatch an army of Keh-Nights to recapture her and destroy January Junction. At the climax, Kubla is overthrown through the combined efforts of Jack Frost, Snip, and Holly.

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