Kurt Hummel is a main character from the Fox musical comedy-drama show Glee. He is the first openly gay character introduced in the series.

In the beginning of the series, Kurt is in the closet until he comes out to Mercedes Jones and eventually to his father, Burt. He harbors a crush on Finn Hudson and tries to pursue him, despite Finn being straight. He even goes as far as to set up his father with Finn's mother, Carole, just so he could be closer to him, which backfires when Finn uses a homophobic slur against him during an outburst. In the second season, Kurt meets Blaine Anderson and quickly falls in love with him. During the season, Kurt is the target of bully David Karofsky, who turns out to be gay when he kisses Kurt unexpectedly. Scared for his life, Kurt transfers to Dalton Academy with Blaine and they eventually pursue a relationship in episode "Original Song".

During the third, fourth, and fifth seasons, Kurt's relationship with Blaine goes through several obstacles, such as when Kurt flirts with another guy or when Blaine cheats after Kurt moves to New York. Despite this, they realize they will always be in love with each other and get engaged in episode "Love, Love, Love". Sometime before episode "Loser Like Me", they break up, but Kurt later realizes his mistake and sets on a quest to win Blaine back. In episode "A Wedding", Kurt finally marries Blaine.

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