Lara Jill Miller (born April 20, 1967) is an American television, stage and voice actress. She is best known as the voice of Kari Kamiya in the first two seasons of Digimon, the titular character on Cartoon Network's The Life and Times of Juniper Lee, and Lisa Loud in Nickelodeon's The Loud House. Her earliest claim to fame was her role as Samantha "Sam" Kanisky in the 1980s NBC sitcom Gimme a Break!

Christmas filmography

Production Year Character
Gimmie a Break!: "A Kanisky Christmas" 1983 Sam Kanisky
Gimmie a Break!: "The Spirit of Christmas" 1984 Sam Kanisky
Gimmie a Break!: "Snippets" 1985 Sam Kanisky
Gimmie a Break!: "Christmas in New York" 1986 Sam Kanisky
Digimon: Digital Monsters: "A Very Digi Christmas" (English) 2001 Kari Kamiya
Digimon: Digital Monsters: "Dramon Power" (English) Kari Kamiya
Digimon: Digital Monsters: "Digimon World Tour, Part 1" (English) Kari Kamiya
Clifford's Puppy Day: "The Cookie Crumbles" 2006 Clifford
Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!: "O' Figgity Fig Tree" 2008 Widget
Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!: "Great and Grumpy Holiday / The Super-Special Gift" 2009
Doc McStuffins: "A Very McStuffins Christmas" 2013 Lambie
Henry Hugglemonster: "Happy Hugglemas!" Henry
Henry Hugglemonster: "Henry Huggglemonster's Very Special Henry Hugglemas TV Special" 2015 Henry
The Doc McStuffins Christmas Special 2018 Lambie
If You Give a Mouse a Christmas Cookie 2016 Cat
The Loud House: "11 Louds a Leapin'" Lisa Loud
Albert Lola

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