Last Tree Standing is the third and final Christmas episode of the Finnish animated series Angry Birds Toons, based on the game Angry Birds.


The episode begins off with Chuck putting the star on the Christmas tree, but however it falls and collapses except for the star. Then he saw a big tree and decided to get it.

Meanwhile in Pig City, King Pig is eating candy when the minion pigs pull down a red blanket which is a boring tree which catches fire. King Pig then sees a big tree and decides to steal the tree from Chuck.

Chuck is seen putting the star on the big Christmas tree, when Matilda is putting a wreath and then the minion pigs chop down the tree. Matilda then gets shocked at the tree chopped down.

Chuck notices that the minion pigs are pushing the tree really fast. He had an idea where he puts the star on a branch and then everything flies. The tree lands on a cliff which falls.

The birds open presents with Matilda getting a plant, The Blues get a toy slingshot, King Pig gets a pair of nunchucks and Chuck gets a cabbage. Chuck disliked his present so he threw his present to King Pig, and in exchange, threw his nunchucks to Chuck. The birds and pigs together have a happy Christmas.


  • The gifts gave to Angry Birds and Pigs are:
    • An accordion for Red
    • A new nunchuck for Chuck
    • A mini-slingshot for the Blues
    • A baton for Bomb
    • A flowerpot with 2 flowers for Matilda
    • A cabbage ball for King Pig and
    • A trumpet for a minion pig

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