Leni L. Loud is one of the main characters from the Nickelodeon animated series The Loud House. She is the second-oldest of Lincoln Loud's ten sisters, and also the most dim-witted of the eleven siblings. Despite her falling into the "dumb blonde" stereotype, she is artistically and creatively inclined, as shown by her skills in fashion design and wood-carving, and she is also the nicest of the sisters.

Being one of the show's main characters, Leni naturally appears prominently in the show's Christmas episode, "11 Louds a Leapin'". As a running gag throughout the episode, she keeps trying to make herself a new Christmas outfit, only to find out after she's finished the outfit that the material she has used were actually decorations. Specifically, she finds herself making outfits out of her mother's tablecloth, tinsel, and the family's stockings. Later, after Lincoln tells her and the others about how lonely their neighbor, Mr. Grouse, truly is, the family spreads Christmas cheer to him, and Leni presents him with a new vest... made from his curtains. The next morning, it is shown that Leni received a new pair of high-heel shoes for Christmas.

In the online-exclusive Loud House short "12 Days of Christmas", in which the Loud family sings their version of the titular song, Leni sings that she got two turtleneck sweaters, though she doesn't seem to like them very much.

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