"Les is More or Less Moral-less" is the Christmas episode of the FOX drama Ned and Stacey, aired in the show's second season.


Pat Kirkland is awaiting Eric's company audit, in which Eric has discovered that Les McDowell has been overcharging the company some $200,000 on his expense account. Scrupulously honest Eric will not cover for Les, so Les tries to blackmail Ned instead. He tells Ned than unless he stops Eric from turning in the report, he will tell Kirkland about Ned and Stacey's arranged marriage, which Stacey earlier told Les' wife about. Ned goes to Eric, his career in the balance, but it is too late, he has already sent the audit via e-mail to Kirkland's office. So at an office Christmas party Amanda and (especially) Stacey try to keep Kirkland away from his office while Ned and Eric execute a Mission: Impossible-type plan to break into the office and retrieve the report. The result turns out to be more like "Mission: Ridiculous!"

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