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Frosty and Holly singing - LTBS

Let There Be Snow is a song from Frosty Returns. In this song, Frosty teaches Holly about the joy of snow, which leads into a duet of the two singing together.

This song is also heard at the end of the special, when Frosty and Holly tried to persuade the townsfolk to stop Summer Wheeze from destroying winter.


Frosty: Sometimes when the words just fail you,
You're scared, but you know they're wrong
I found that I get much further,
When I turn my thoughts to song

You know why you love this season,
The joy that the snow can bring.
So, why should you stop to reason?
Just open your heart and sing...

Let there be snow!
Let there be snow!
Need I remind you,
The autumn's behind you?
Let the wind blow.

This is a time of year to make,
Figure eights across the lake.
Such a magical sight,
When the world's dressed all in white!
Oh, let there be snow!

The days may grow short and grayer,
The cold may nip at your nose.
But once there's a six-inch layer,
Those soft flakes beneath your toes.

You can't help but want to taste it,
Or jump in a snowy pile.
Why not build a fort or igloo,
Or find a window to print your smile?

Oh, let there be snow!
Frosty and Holly: Let there be snow!
Close down the schools,
And let's act like fools,
There's parties to throw.

Changes to There's No More Snow

Mr. Twitchell: I thought once you made your fortune,
You could sit back and count your loot.
But now that I've conquered Beansboro,
I'm ready to trade this suit.

I want a crown that fits me,
I want a cape that flows.
Six yards of fur and velvet,
Right down to my crooked toes.

There's no more snow!
There's no more snow!
Look how they love me!
The clouds up above me
Couldn't get beat with my dough!

Let Mother Nature try to win.
I'll give her blizzards quite a spin.
Just try and stop me.
No one can stop me!
Let my kingship begin!

Changes back to Let There Be Snow

Frosty Let there be snow!
Let there be snow!
This kind of weather
Brings people together,
So friendships can grow.

'Frosty and Holly: Why should we sit around and wait,
For summer days to celebrate?
Such a magical sight,
When the world's dressed in white!
Oh, let there be snow!


  • Frosty sings about snow for the first time in this song.
  • First time Frosty sings a duet with someone other than an animal, in this case, Holly.