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Life Size 2: A Christmas Eve (or simply Life-Size 2) is a Christmas-themed Freeform adapted sequel, based on the characters from The Wonderful World of Disney movie Life-Size, created by Stephanie Moore, that was premiered on December 2, 2018 as part of the channel's annual 25 Days of Christmas programming event.


Grace is a hot mess in the middle of a quarter-life crisis, realizing that she is in over her head as a toy company's CEO. To make it worse, her wild-child ways are causing the company's stock to plummet.


Actress/actor Character(s)
Tyra Banks Eve
Francia Raisa Grace Manning
Gavin Stenhouse Calum
Hank Chen Brendan Butler
Alison Fernandez Lex
Shanica Knowles Tahlia
Elisa Lau Jen Chen
Nina Leon Eleanor
David Shae Devin Drake
Michael Shenefelt Carter
Jene Moore Marley
Niland Aran Milo
Addison Lee Hannah
Rico Ball Hyde Owens
Yvonne Valadez Mrs. Roberts
Betsy Sligh Emma
Van Jones Reporter
Perez Hilton Perez Hilton
Christian Cowan
Lil Yachty Beatboxer
Lindsay Lamb Cashier
Chris Mayers Waiter
Rob Springer, Sarah Hudson,
Sandy Givelber
Tracey Bonner Officer #1
Maiya Boyd Private school friend
John Chappell Party goer
Carmen Matheny Doll Model #1
Curvalicious Eve
Phil Pierce Santa Claus
Leigh Takata Toy Designer
Jeffrey Blanton (uncredited)
John Collier (uncredited)
Kyndall Hamilton (uncredited) Private School Girl
Paul Pillsbury (uncredited) Ice Skater
Joshua Silverstein (uncredited) Beatbox V.O.
Morgan Willett (uncredited) Figure Skater

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