Lilly Lorraine is a character featured in Rudolph and Frosty's Christmas in July. She is the owner of the Circus by the Sea, and the mother of Lanie Loraine.

At the beginning of the film, Lilly and her daughter are facing financial trouble as their Circus by the Sea was seriously in debt and in danger of foreclosure. At the suggestion of Lanie's boyfriend, a local ice cream man named Milton, who had just visited the North Pole, Lilly invites Rudolph, Frosty, and Frosty's family to try and help save her floundering circus as their tricks and abilities would really bring in a crowd and enough profit to get the circus out of debt. However, Rudolph is warned that when she finishes launching the Fourth of July fireworks, Frosty and his family will be in danger of melting once the 100th firework goes off unless Santa and Jessica can arrive to take them back to the North Pole before then.

Unfortunately, the ice wizard, Winterbolt, makes it so Santa and Jessica are caught in a hurricane and have to get to the circus on the ground, while he has Sam Spangles, an evil carny seeking to take over the circus, steal the box office earnings from the circus and has Rudolph take the blame to extend the magic of the amulets Frosty and his family are wearing so long as Rudolph's nose remains extinguished. Lilly can't believe that Rudolph stole the box office earnings, and is more devastated when Rudolph's performance suffers as well because of his extinguished nose, which the audience doesn't take a liking to. Things get worse when she discovers that Frosty has given up the magic hat that brings him to life, and is now an inanimate snowman again. However, when Sam arrives to take over the circus and orders Lilly and Lanie to get out, Rudolph arrives with Frosty's hat, the box office earnings, and a policeman, who explains everything to Lilly before returning the money to her and arresting Sam.

Winterbolt then reappears, refusing to accept defeat as long as he still has his Ice Scepter and his powers, but Lilly throws her revolvers, which are made of iron, at Winterbolt's Ice Scepter, shattering it, killing him as he turns into a tree, but also causing the magic in the amulets Frosty's family was wearing to wear off, causing them to melt. Luckily, Rudolph's friend, Big Ben, arrives with Jack Frost, who revives Frosty's family, just as Santa and Jessica arrive to take them home to the North Pole. Rudolph remains behind to help Lilly until her circus is out of debt, and Lilly leads the now flying circus in a rendition of Rudolph's theme song.

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