Merry Christmas, Lincoln.

— Lily giving Lincoln her finger painting at the end of "Season's Cheatings"

Lily L. Loud is the youngest of Lincoln Loud's ten sisters in the Nickelodeon animated series The Loud House. At 15 months old (two years old as of Season 5), Lily is a very playful and cheery baby. Prior to getting potty-trained in Season 5, Lily also had a tendency to stink up her diapers. Despite having only just learned how to walk at the start of the show's run, Lily is quite aware of the world around her, especially the antics of her older siblings. She is always happy to be around her siblings, all of whom care deeply for her (even bossy Lori and bratty Lola).

Appearances in Christmas specials

As one of the show's main characters, Lily naturally appears in the show's first Christmas episode, "11 Louds a Leapin'". She is the only one of the Loud siblings who does not have any specific subplot of her own in the special, instead just popping up in the middle of her older sisters' hi-jinks. She blows raspberries at Luan's Christmas-themed puns, gets caught in one of Lana's reindeer traps, and pops out of one of the stockings that Leni used to make a Christmas outfit. When the Loud and McBride families go to spread cheer to Mr. Grouse, Lily, being held up by her mom, puts the star on top of his tree. At the very end of the episode, Lily receives a teddy bear on Christmas morning.

Being a baby, Lily does not sing her own line as part of the Loud family's version of "The Twelve Days of Christmas" in the online-exclusive short of the same name.

Lily picks out Lincoln's name from the hat in "Season's Cheatings".

Lily's next appearance in a Christmas special was the fifth-season episode "Season's Cheatings". In it, Lincoln hopes to get Lily as his Secret Santa in the family's annual gift-swap, because the gifts she supposedly gives are actually from their parents (since Lily, being in preschool at this point, is too young to buy anything herself). However, right after Lily draws Lincoln's name from the hat, Rita and Lynn Sr. say that, since she's growing up, she's going to make a homemade gift for her designated sibling. As a result, Lincoln spends much of the episode trying to switch things up so that he gets another sister as his Secret Santa, but then finds he has nothing for his designated sister, Lola. Lily later witnesses Lincoln having to give up his desired backpack to his rival, Chandler, for a pair of earrings for Lola. On Christmas morning, Lily cheers her big brother up by presenting him with a finger-painting depicting her giving him the backpack.

Lily also appears in "A Flipmas Carol", but is much less prominent there because the episode is a pastiche of A Christmas Carol with Flip in the Ebenezer Scrooge role.

Lily and her family also have a cameo in The Casagrandes Christmas episode, "A Very Casagrandes Christmas". At the very end of the episode, the Loud family shows up at the Casagrandes' apartment to spend Christmas with them because their van broke down.

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