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It's the day before Christmas, and there's no better time to be in the Loud house!

— Lincoln greeting the viewers

Lincoln Albert Loud is the protagonist from the Nickelodeon animated series The Loud House. He is the 11-year-old (later 12 years old as of the show's sixth season), white-haired middle child of Lynn Loud Sr. and his wife Rita, and also the only male child in the family. Lincoln is an accident-prone, happy-go-lucky, and kind-hearted boy who calls himself "The Man with the Plan" and has interests in comic books, manga, video games, magic, fantasy and science fiction stories. He is known for speaking to the viewers about the chaotic conditions of the household and the insane antics of his ten sisters, though this trait became less frequent from the second season onward.

Appearances in Christmas specials[]

The Loud House[]

Louds give Mr

Lincoln leads his family in spreading cheer to Mr. Grouse in "11 Louds a Leapin'".

As the main character of The Loud House, Lincoln naturally has a major role in the series' first Christmas episode, "11 Louds a Leapin'". The episode's main plot begins when Lincoln goes sledding with his new Fearsome Flyer 8000 sled, which he calls "Big Red", only to accidentally lose it in the back yard of the Loud family's crabby neighbor, Mr. Grouse. With help from his best friend Clyde McBride, Lincoln attempts to retrieve "Big Red", but he is eventually caught and ends up breaking the sled. In doing so, however, he learns that Mr. Grouse is also from a big family, but he has not seen them in five years and cannot afford to travel out to see them for Christmas. Feeling sad for the poor old man, Lincoln tells his sisters all about it, and they all pitch in to give Mr. Grouse a bus ticket so that he can go see his family tomorrow. Mr. Grouse is touched by the Loud family's kindness and apologizes to Lincoln for letting his sled get broken, but Lincoln doesn't mind, saying he's glad that they're friends now. On Christmas morning, Lincoln finds that Mr. Grouse has given him the Fearsome Flyer 1000 sled that he owned when he was a kid, and he goes out to thank the old man for it.

In the online-exclusive Loud House short "12 Days of Christmas", in which the Louds sing their version of the titular song, Lincoln sings that he got six new issues of his favorite comic book, Ace Savvy.

Lincoln with diagram

Lincoln tries to figure out who he wants as his Secret Santa in "Season's Cheatings".

Lincoln has the starring role again in "Season's Cheatings", the first segment of the show's second Christmas episode. The episode has him anticipating his family's annual gift swap, in which each of his siblings pick one of the others' names from a Santa Claus hat and only buy a gift for whichever sibling they got. Lincoln wants a Rip Hardcore backpack for Christmas, and therefore hopes that his youngest sister, Lily, will be picked as his Secret Santa, because their parents are the ones who actually buy the gift she's supposedly giving (being a preschooler, Lily is too young to buy gifts herself). Therefore, Lincoln rigs the gift swap by taping the card with his name inside so that Lily ends up picking his name out of the hat. However, Lincoln's plan hits a snag when Lynn Sr. and Rita announce that Lily is going to be giving her very own gift, which is likely to be a homemade gift. Not keen on that prospect, Lincoln tries switching out Lily's card with Leni's, but Lynn Jr., Leni's designated gift recipient, prevents him from doing so. He then tries getting Lori and Luan to switch with Lily, but finds he can't get his desired result from them (due to Lori only having the time to buy a Fairway University mug, and Luan's ventriloquist dummy, Mr. Coconuts, demanding he pick out the gift). Finally, he convinces Luna to switch her Secret Santa card with Lily, and to his delight, she does indeed buy the backpack. However, Lincoln then realizes that, because he's been so busy making sure he got what he wanted, he hasn't picked up a gift for the sister he drew from the hat - Lola. When Lincoln is unable to buy any kind of gift for Lola, he ultimately trades the backpack to his arch-rival, Chandler, for a pair of earrings. However, Lily, having seen the exchange, presents Lincoln with a drawing she drew of herself giving him the backpack to cheer him up.

Clincoln McLoud as the Ghosts of Christmas Present

Lincoln and Clyde as the Ghosts of Christmas Present in "A Flipmas Carol".

Lincoln has a smaller role in "Season's Cheatings"' partner episode, "A Flipmas Carol", technically only appearing in the middle and at the end of the episode. However, since the episode is a take on A Christmas Carol, Lincoln, along with Clyde, also plays the Ghost of Christmas Present to a Scrooge-like Flip. As the Ghosts of Christmas Present, Lincoln and Clyde show Flip just how much his customers, including the real Lincoln and his family, are not having a merry Christmas as a result of his swindling them.

Lincoln as Santa

Lincoln dressed as Santa in "Snow Escape".

The animated series' next Christmas episode, "Snow Escape", has Lincoln and most of his sisters trying to get to school on the last day before winter vacation so they can enjoy the Christmas parties their classes are throwing (presumably, this takes place before or during "Season's Cheatings"). This is a difficult task because the local news has declared it to be a "packing day", and whenever that happens, Lynn Jr. relentlessly pelts her siblings with snowballs.

Lincoln waving

Lincoln once again had a major role in the show's most recent Christmas episode, "Twas the Fight Before Christmas". At the beginning of the episode, he reveals to the viewers that, on Christmas Eve five years ago, his father, Lynn Sr., got in a bitter argument with his brother and the kids' paternal uncle, Lance, that resulted in the two brothers refusing to ever see each other again. Lincoln, along with his sisters, calls up their cousins, Lance's kids Shane, Shelby, and Shiloh, to recruit their help in his plan to bring an end to their respective fathers' long-standing feud.

The Really Loud House[]

Live-action Clincoln McCloud

Lincoln and Clyde as they appear in A Loud House Christmas.

Lincoln has the starring role again in the alternate-continuity live-action movie A Loud House Christmas. In the movie, his older sisters Lori, Luna, and Luan all say that they have plans to be elsewhere on Christmas Day, and the parents decide to take the remaining kids on vacation to Miami. This does not sit well with Lincoln, who wants to have his whole family together, and he plots to put a stop to his family's plans. He sends a plate of Lynn Sr.'s figgy pudding to Lori to convince her to come home, sends Luna a sentence-mixed phone call from her idol, Mick Swagger, to convince her not to go skiing with her girlfriend Sam's family, gets the seniors at Sunset Canyon to cancel Luan's gig, and, with help from Clyde, creates a hoax video of a "sharkodile" attack supposedly happening in Miami. However, Lincoln soon learns the consequences of his actions when he sees how miserable his sisters have become as a result, and it is made even worse when everyone thinks the "sharkodile" has now appeared in Royal Woods and the Christmas Eve tree-lighting ceremony at the mall is cancelled. Lincoln brings his sharkodile prop to the Royal Woods Mall in an attempt to show the local news reporter, Katherine Mulligan, that it isn't real, though he ends up causing a lot of property damage in the process. In the end, Lincoln confesses everything to his family, and learns that, even if his family won't always physically be together, they will always be a part of him. He is ultimately sentenced to 300 hours of community service, but he at least still gets to have Christmas with his family beforehand.

Other Christmas productions[]

Louds in A Very Casagrandes Christmas

Lincoln and his family drop by for a visit in "A Very Casagrandes Christmas".

Lincoln and his Loud family have a very brief cameo at the end of The Casagrandes episode "A Very Casagrandes Christmas". During the Casagrandes' Nochebuena party, the Loud family shows up, with Lincoln explaining that they had come to pick up Lori from college. However, Vanzilla broke down, so they've come to spend Christmas Eve at the Casagrandes'.

Outside of The Loud House franchise itself, Lincoln and his sister Lucy, as well as his friend Ronnie Anne, had a brief appearance in The All-Star Nickmas Spectacular. Lincoln's scene has him giving season's greetings from himself and all ten of his sisters, listing each of them individually, but he forgets to mention Lucy, leading her to come up from behind the couch and scare him by pointing it out.

Lincoln and Clyde have an animated cameo in the live-action special The Great Nickmas Tree Sliming. After the special's host, That Girl Lay Lay, accidentally zaps Santa Claus' sleigh and it crashes into the studio where the special is being filmed, she calls up Lincoln and Clyde for help. The boys try to help Lay Lay by giving her a spell from Lucy's ancient book of spells; unfortunately, when Lay Lay, Isaiah Crews, and Gabrielle Nevaeh Green try to recite the spell, it doesn't help them.


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