Lola Bunny is a character from Warner Bros. Animation's Looney Tunes franchise. She is an anthropomorphic female rabbit, created as a love interest to Bugs Bunny and introduced in the 1996 film Space Jam. Her depictions run the gamut from savvy equal to Bugs (as seen in DC's Looney Tunes comic book) to a complete Cloud Cuckoolander, bordering on insanity (as seen in The Looney Tunes Show).

Appearances in Christmas specials

Lola's first appearance in a Christmas special was in the Baby Looney Tunes episode "Christmas in July".

The fully-grown Lola has a prominent role in The Looney Tunes Show episode, "A Christmas Carol". To bring up the Christmas spirits of the people when a heat wave rises during Christmas, she decides to put on her own production of A Christmas Carol. Bugs loans her a copy of the novel to use, but she does not bother to read the whole story and instead writes a completely unrelated script about a girl named Carol who learns her father is Santa Claus.

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