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Lola Loud is one of the main characters from the Nickelodeon animated series The Loud House. She is the third-youngest of Lincoln Loud's ten sisters, being just two minutes younger than her twin, Lana. In contrast to Lana's tomboyish personality, Lola is a conceited, narcissistic brat who dresses like a princess and loves anything girly. Early on in the show's run, she tended to be the most antagonistic Loud sister, often tattling on her siblings and even being known to seek revenge if they get on her bad side, though these traits have gradually become downplayed as the show goes on. Despite her self-centered nature, Lola is no less compassionate than her siblings, as she is always grateful for her brother Lincoln's kindness towards her and is capable of showing humility and selflessness when letting go of her own needs.

Appearances in Christmas specials[]

The Loud House[]

Lola naturally appears prominently in the show's first Christmas episode, "11 Louds a Leapin'". At the beginning of the episode, Lola explains to Lincoln that, since she wants a good haul of presents from Santa Claus, she's going to do as many nice things as she possibly can in an attempt to get on his nice list. Despite her younger sister Lisa (who does not believe that Santa actually exists) telling her that she is wasting her time, Lola does indeed spend much of the episode doing nice things, such as assisting her mom with decorating the house and taking a taste of her dad's figgy pudding (which none of the other siblings want to eat). Later that evening, Lincoln tells her and the other sisters that he just learned that their neighbor, Mr. Grouse, is sadly unable to visit his own family for Christmas, which leads Lola to remember that giving is what Christmas is really about. With that, she takes part in presenting Mr. Grouse with a bus card so he can go visit his family tomorrow, and is delighted when Mr. Grouse says that she has certainly made Santa's nice list for this. At the end of the special, Lola is shown playing with a princess' castle playset that she received for Christmas.

In the online-exclusive Loud House short "12 Days of Christmas", in which the Loud family sings their version of the titular song, Lola sings that she won "nine pageant sashes."

Lola thanks Lincoln for the earrings

Lola thanks Lincoln for his gift in "Season's Cheatings".

Lola has a prominent role again in the fifth-season episode "Season's Cheatings". After Lincoln has spent half of the episode trying to rig the family's gift-swap so that his Secret Santa gives him a Rip Hardcore backpack, he realizes on Christmas Eve that he hasn't bought anything for his designated gift recipient, Lola. Not wanting to break his little sister's heart, Lincoln tries to find a present for her, but the mall closes just as he arrives, and he is not even able to get a Burpin' Burger gift card. His rival Chandler then offers to sell him a pair of earrings, but makes him give up the backpack in exchange. On Christmas morning, Lola is delighted about the earrings that Lincoln has given her.

Lola also appears in the segment's sister episode, "A Flipmas Carol", but is much less prominent there due to it being a take on A Christmas Carol with Flip in the Ebenezer Scrooge role.

Lola and her family also appear for a cameo in The Casagrandes episode "A Very Casagrandes Christmas". At the very end of the episode, they come to the Casagrandes' apartment to spend Christmas because Vanzilla broke down when they came to pick up Lori from college.

The main series' next Christmas episode, "Snow Escape", begins with Lola telling her family that she's playing the Christmas tree star in the second-grade class's Christmas play and showing off her very brightly-lit costume. However, she and her siblings have to get to school while avoiding snowball attacks from a very beastly Lynn Jr. At one point, Lincoln and his sisters try disguising themselves as a neighbor's singing lawn decoration; it works, but Lola then blows their cover by singing her part more extravagantly than she should. Fortunately, she, Lincoln, Leni, and Lisa are able to survive the whole trek.

The fighting, or the gravy

Lola in "'Twas the Fight Before Christmas".

Lola's latest Christmas appearance was in "'Twas the Fight Before Christmas". In this episode, she and her siblings, along with their cousins, arrange to take a Christmas vacation to Camp Mastodon with Lynn Sr.'s previously-unseen brother, Lance, and his family. When Luan tells their dad that he can consider this trip an early Christmas gift, Lola remarks, "That will not be one of mine."

The Really Loud House[]

In the live-action movie A Loud House Christmas, when the Loud family decides to take a holiday vacation to Miami, Lola hopes to participate in the Little Miss Citrus pageant. However, Lincoln and Clyde put a stop to that by getting the local news to show a video about an alleged "sharkodile" attack in Miami. As a result, Lola finds herself feeling miserable about losing the chance to compete in the aforementioned pageant. When Lisa attempts to chase down the "sharkodile" when it seemingly shows up in Royal Woods, Lola and the rest of the sisters give chase, and eventually learn that the "sharkodile" was just a hoax that Lincoln concocted.

Mentions in other Christmas specials[]

In The All-Star Nickmas Spectacular, when Lincoln shows up to give season's greetings from himself and his sisters, he mentions Lola alongside his other sisters.

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