"Look into Santa's Book" is the original song that first appeared in the Barney Home Video presentation: "Barney's Night Before Christmas".


Take a little look into Santa's book
You'll be glad to find he saw when you were kind
I wrote down when you've been a very special friend
It's all there when you look into Santa's book

Each time you did what's right,
like being polite,
And eating your veggies
with supper at night

When you brushed you hair,
Played games fair,
And tried to be cheerful
when you had to share


The times you did your chores,
Held open a door,
Picked your stuff
up off the floor

You didn't complain
When it started to rain.
I wrote it down
again and again!

[Chorus, followed by the last four words of the Chorus, twice]

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