Universe! You are literally testing me!

— Lori upon receiving a giant present after she vowed not to open any early

Lori Marie Loud is one of the main characters from the Nickelodeon animated series The Loud House. She is the oldest of Lincoln Loud's ten sisters, and as such, acts very bossy and condescending, but at times also protective, towards her younger siblings. When not asserting her authority over them, she frequently spends her time flirting with her boyfriend, Bobby Santiago, through texting on her smartphone. By the start of the show's fifth season, she eventually graduates from high school and moves out of the Loud house to attend college.

Appearances in Christmas specials

Lori with her boyfriend Bobby in "11 Louds a Leapin'".

As one of the show's main characters, Lori naturally has a big role in the show's first Christmas episode, "11 Louds a Leapin'". At the beginning of the episode, she is shown calling Bobby, telling him that it doesn't really matter to her what he's going to get her for their first Christmas as a couple, yet also accidentally putting pressure on him by telling him that she'll always treasure whatever he gives her. Later on, it is shown that she has a bad habit of unwrapping her and her family's presents early, and she tries to resist the temptation to do so when a large present is mailed to her, despite the attached tag telling her she should open it immediately. After Lincoln tells her and the others about how lonely their neighbor, Mr. Grouse, truly is, Lori takes part in bringing Christmas cheer to him, during which she also gives Clyde a kiss on the cheek because he was standing under the mistletoe. The next morning, she finally gets to open her giant present and finds that it's Bobby himself, having decided to give himself to her for Christmas because he couldn't decide what to give her.

In the online-exclusive Loud House short "12 Days of Christmas", in which the Loud family sings their version of the titular song, Lori sings that her gift was a phone plan for her and Bobby.

Lori studying for finals in "Season's Cheatings".

Lori's next appearance in a Christmas production was in the fifth-season episode "Season's Cheatings". By the time of this episode, Lori has begun attending college, and is planning on coming home on Christmas Eve to spend the holidays with her family. As such, when the Loud siblings are picking their names out of a hat for their annual Secret Santa gift swap, their mother, Rita, picks for Lori. Later, when Lincoln is trying to get one of his sisters to buy him a Rip Hardcore backpack for Christmas, he calls up Lori, disguised as Rita. However, because Lori is so busy studying for finals, she tells "Rita" that the only thing she can give to any of her siblings is a Fairway University coffee mug.

Lori also appears in "Season's Cheatings"' partner episode, "A Flipmas Carol". However, her role in that episode is much smaller, not even having any lines of dialogue, due to it being A Christmas Carol parody focusing on Flip.

Lori and her family have a cameo at the end of The Casagrandes episode "A Very Casagrandes Christmas". In that episode, her parents and siblings go to pick her up from college on Christmas Eve, but Vanzilla breaks down, so they come to spend Christmas at the Casagrandes' apartment building.

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