"Lost in the Snow" is a 2001 Christmas special, based on the illustrated book of the same name by Ian Beck, that is originally premiered on ITV during their CITV block during the 2001 Holiday season. Produced for Carlton by Honeycomb Animation (Ha!) and Just Entertainment, with the theme song performed by British tanor Russell Watson, it is produced & directed by Simon & Sara Bor.


A coming of age story around a teddy bear who gets lost and faces challenges while getting back home.


The theme music is performed by Katrina Beath, Alfonso Espositio, Alister Gordon, Russell Watson and Steve Pigott, while the incidental music is performed by Ed Welch.


Voice actor/actressCharacter
Hugh LaurieTeddy
Helen BaxendaleLily
David Holt
Susan Sheridan
Rupert Farley


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