"Maggie's™ Gift of Music" is fifth & final episode from the second Little People volume "Christmas Discoveries".


The episode starts with Maggie™ telling everyone that she has found the conductor's baton which that means that she could lead her orchestra at the celebration today. The police officer starts to tell everyone that it was time to let the festivities begin. He then tells the Little People gang that the presents were from them as a delivery from Santa Claus. Everyone starts to open the presents and it was the ones from the toys they found (which happened in the previous episode).

  • Maggie™ got the book.
  • Michael™ got the magical markers.
  • Sonya Lee™ got a toy platypus.
  • Eddie™ got a remote control airplane.
  • And Sarah Lynn™ got a music box.

She starts to read the letter that Santa wrote to thank her for helping him. Maggie™ then asks if they can have the orchestra so everyone gets in place. She starts to get upset when she looks at the instruments that her friends made by themselves. They worked very hard to surprise her. Maggie™ starts to get better and starts to conduct. At the ending, everyone starts to sing "Christmas Bells are Ringing" while they playing the orchestra.


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