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"In Arms Way" is a Christmas-themed segment from the tenth episode of the Warner Bros. animated television series Steven Spielberg presents Freakazoid! The episode featuring the segment was originally broadcast on Kids' WB! on December 16, 1995. The segment begins on Christmas Eve with Freakazoid busy trying to do his Christmas shopping, having unfortunately waited until the last minute to do so. While Freakazoid is out looking for presents for his friends and family, a nearby coffee shop receives a sudden visit from Arms Akimbo, a mobster whose arms are permanently fixed in a jaunty pose. Joe the announcer tells Akimbo's origin to the viewers, explaining that he was raised by his parents to be a print model, and after years of posing that left his arms frozen in their position, he turned to a life of crime. Akimbo tells the coffee shop's clerk that he is here to sell "Oops Insurance", and by that, he means that he and his henchmen will knock everything in the store to the ground unless the proprietors give him all their money. (more...)

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