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"Christmas Every Day!" is the first Christmas-themed episode of the Nickelodeon animated series The Fairly OddParents!, originally aired on December 6, 2001. Christmas is Timmy Turner's favorite day of the year, as in addition to the tremendous amount of gifts he receives from Santa Claus, it is also the one day of the year he is guaranteed that his mom and dad will stay home and not have Vicky babysit him. So when the day arrives, he expresses through song to Cosmo and Wanda that he wishes Christmas were every day. Despite their reluctance, they grant his wish. At first, Timmy is thrilled to have Christmas every day, but things soon take a sour turn, as he begins to notice when he starts receiving less and less presents for obvious reasons. And because Christmas now falls on every day, all the schools, stores, and businesses remain closed, and everybody has become so sick of Christmas that the armed forces are working to shoot Santa's sleigh down. Even worse, the mascots for the other holidays (led by the Easter Bunny and consisting of Baby New Year, Cupid, and The April Fool) are furious that their respective holidays can no longer come. (more...)

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Otto: Zese recipes require little bits of hard-boiled egg. You - chop an egg!
Yogi: Yes sir! Yes sir, sir! One chopped egg comin' up! Choppity chop chop! [chops a raw egg, causing yolk to splatter all over Otto's face]
Otto: Aaauuuggh! You obviously have never studied ze art of cuisine!
Yogi: As a matter of fact, I haven't, sir! Was this Cuisine fellow a, a good artist?|Yogi's First Christmas}}


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