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"Refrigerator Day" is the Christmas episode of the Jim Henson Television sitcom Dinosaurs, produced and originally aired on ABC as the twelfth episode of the show's second season. The Sinclair family is preparing for the happiest holiday in Pangaea - Refrigerator Day, a day in which all the dinosaurs honor the invention that made modern civilization possible. Earl says he has already bought the kids' presents, adding that they shouldn't have to worry about their finances because he's expecting to get a Fridge Day bonus. Unfortunately, Mr. Richfield does not give his employees a bonus this year. And to make matters worse, the Sinclairs' refrigerator is soon repossessed because they were half a day late on their last payment. (more)

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You've gone too far, Bushroot! Using Christmas trees to ruin Christmas; it's, it's, it's... it's just not Christmas-y.

Darkwing Duck, "It's a Wonderful Leaf"


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