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Murphys all together for Christmas

"A Christmas Peril" is the Christmas episode of the Disney animated television series Milo Murphy's Law. It originally aired in France on November 5, 2017, before making its US premiere on December 2nd of the same year, making it the last episode of the show's first season in airing order. Like most Milo Murphy's Law episodes, "A Christmas Peril" has two subplots, with the A-plot centering on protagonist Milo Murphy, and the B-plot focusing on time travelers Balthazar Cavendish and Vinnie Dakota. The episode opens on Christmas Eve in present-era Danville, where Milo Murphy and his older sister Sara are driving through town in their parents' car, accompanied by Melissa and Zack. Milo explains to his friends that, as his Christmas gift for his parents, he has invited the extended Murphy family over to spend Christmas together, which they haven't done in years due to how catastrophic their mishaps can get. Just then, they hear a weather report saying that a snowstorm is expected to hit later tonight, and Sara remarks that it's a shame their car cannot simply fly over the snow. This segues to the far-off year of 2195, where Time Bureau agent Balthazar Cavendish is at the mall, seeing an advertisement for the autobiography of his former partner, Vinnie Dakota, who has now become a famous pop singer and is signing copies of his autobiography nearby. Cavendish reflects on how, 20 years earlier, at the Bureau of Time Travel's Christmas party, he and Dakota got into a very bitter argument because Dakota ate the last egg roll at the buffet table and ended their partnership as a result. Cavendish deeply regrets having driven away his best friend and, upon remembering he's a time traveler, decides to go back to the 2175 to prevent the argument from ever happening. Unbeknownst to Cavendish, though, Dakota also regrets the argument that ended their partnership and also decides to travel back to 2175. (more...)

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