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XmasEveOnSesameStreetDVD 2008

Christmas Eve on Sesame Street is an hour-long Christmas television special based on the television series Sesame Street. It was originally broadcast on PBS on Sunday, December 3, 1978, and won the 1979 Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Children's Program. The opening features the inhabitants of Sesame Street enjoying an ice skating party. Big Bird has trouble skating, but a child gives him a hand, and he ends up doing very well. Bert falls victim to the antics of Ernie, Cookie Monster, and The Count as they play ice hockey with one of his shoes, clown around while barrel jumping, play a practical joke on him, and make him very dizzy in a game of Crack the Whip which somehow sent Oscar thrown into the air, tumbling down the stairs, through a couple of walls and onto the sidewalk where Big Bird and his friend, Patty (a girl around age seven) catch up to him and get him back up on his feet. After the skating party, the story leads into three principal plotlines. After Oscar questions how Santa Claus can get down a chimney, Big Bird tries to figure out how. Meanwhile, in a retelling of The Gift of the Magi, Ernie and Bert trade their most prized possessions for a gift for each other, and Cookie Monster attempts to write his letter to Santa. (more)

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