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"Making Toys" is the second song from Santa Claus (1985).


STANZA 1: Making toys
When you're an Elf, better be good,
and you must also use quality wood!
Quality must come first
That is an Elf's matter of pride,
which ev'ry Yuletide they/we provide!

They're/We're all master artists when they paint;
They've/We've never heard one complaint!
Colorful work improves;
Start with some green, yellow and blue --- 
Happily making toys for you! 

[Instrumental bridge]

STANZA 2: Making toys,
tons of toys
for a zillion girls and boys
All the toys
ev'ry girl and boy enjoys

From animals and sailing boats
To dolls with shiny shoes and coats 
and toys for boys who like a lot of noise!

Sweets and treats for your tums,
Made with thousand-gallon drums
It becomes one of life's great joys. 

Elves/We are here to make your Christmas better ev'ry year
They/We really love making toys!

[Instrumental bridge]

STANZA 3: Making toys, there's not a thing that they adore,
and it can carry them rightly along!
They're/We're at it all year long,
As soon as one business is done,
Business of next year has begun!

They/we work all the day and nighttime, too,
'cause Christmas is all they/we do!
Happy to tell you now, knowing the skill that it employs,
There is no thrill like making toys!

STANZA 4: Making toys ev'ry year is a very fine career,
And they/we work in a happy atmosphere!
They/We carve and weave and paint enough,
So many of the things you love,
And all their/our love is ever very clear!

Though they/we say so themselves,
They/We are very clever elves, 
And their/our shelves show their perfect poise! 
Elves/We are seldom done, you see, when Christmas time is near
Let's hear it for making toys! 

FINALE: Making toys, that is the best job there can be,
And ev'ry toy they/we make can be a friend;
Ev-er-y Christmas Eve, they/we have a big task to achieve;
Keeping them/us making toys
Happily making toys again!

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