"Mammy's Gamble" is a sixth Christmas episode of the television sitcom Mrs. Brown's Boys.


Following a spate of burglaries in Finglas (including one where 92 James Larkin Court was robbed of its TV, landline phone, and Agnes' armchair by burglars dressed as repairmen), Agnes reluctantly allows Buster to install a locking bolt on the back door, a burglar alarm system for the front door, and a series of metal shutters dubbed the "rat trap" in all the doorways in the house. But since the alarm system was made in North Korea, add in a dodgy timer and Buster's stupidity and behold a waste of time and money. Meanwhile, Dermot announces that he wants to set up his own promotions business, but the banks refuse to give him a loan; and Cathy is planning to use artificial insemination to have a child, which goads Buster to offer her an unorthodox proposal. Agnes tries to sort everything out by playing against Hilary Nicholson in a poker tournament at Foley's for a €15,000 prize.

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