"Mammy's Motel" is a thirteenth Christmas episode of the television sitcom Mrs. Brown's Boys.


A storm hits Finglas, resulting in the pipes bursting at Winnie and Sharon's house. Agnes and Cathy immediately allow them to stay at 92 James Larkin Court, but this leads to tension between the Brown family and the McGoogan family, especially when Winnie criticising Agnes' loud snoring, and Sharon wearing Cathy's scarf in her hair and saying that her bedroom is a mess. Elsewhere, Rory and Dino are thinking about adopting a son and ask Cathy to provide a reference for them, Mark and his friends try to fix the plumbing at Winnie's house, Father Damien asks Agnes to perform the eulogy at the funeral of Jacko's cousin Nellie Scullie (who she never really knew), and Bono celebrates his 13th birthday at 92 James Larkin court, with his family and school friends. And to top it all off, Buster has a bombshell to drop...

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