"Mankind Should Be My Business" is a song from The Stingiest Man in Town and its animated adaptation.

It is sung by Basil Rathbone in the 1956 version and by Walter Matthau in the animated special.


Scrooge: Mankind should be my business;
Mankind should be my trade,
I realize it is my business
to give my fellow-man my aid.

The whole world should be my office
Heaven should be my boss,
Man's happiness should be my profit
His suffering should be my loss.

Just changing money is not enough
To make my life worth while,
I should change a human tear
into a human smile.

Narrator: And that's how Scrooge became as good a friend, as good a master and as good a man as the good ol' city knew. He asked for no rewards for his own heart laugh and that was enough for him. May that be truly said of us all, And so as Tiny Tim observed...
Tiny Tim: God bless us, everyone!!!

Scrooge: Mankind should be my business
That was the Lord's plan,
My work and life should be the service
I can give;
I can give!;
I can give my fellow man!!!


  • The song was made reference to in the 1988 film Scrooged, when Frank Cross, the Scrooge character, is met by a zombified version of his deceased mentor Lew Hayward, the Marley character. As in the original, Cross dismisses Hayward's warning of danger and the forthcoming visit by the three ghosts, and says Hayward had lived the American dream in life, being "a captain of industry, a leader in business". Hayward chastizes Cross by shouting "Mankind should have been my business!"
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