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"Mary's Christmas" is the first Christmas episode of the NBC sitcom 227, based on the stage play by Christine Houston, produced and aired as the thirteenth episode of its first season.


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When their church loses its land lease, the tenants must find another lot to place it on. They enlist Lester's company's help to move it to its new spot. Everything is okay until it comes up missing. Everyone is worried because they will have no place to have their Christmas pageant. They decide to build a large manger on the empty lot to hold the service. They later find out that it was placed at the wrong lot.


  • A snippet from this episode was shown in the 2008 film Pineapple Express when Saul watches his TV.


Actor/actress Character
Marla Gibbs Mary Jenkins
Hal Williams Lester Jenkins
Alaina Reed Rose Lee Holloway
Jackée Harry Sandra Clark
Regina King Brenda Jenkins
Kia Goodwin Tiffany Holloway
Helen Martin Pearl Shay
Curtis Baldwin Calvin Dobbs
Ron Richardson Rev. Davis
Eve Smith Cora
Frank Jenkins Man #1
The Visionaires From the Heavenly Vision Baptist Church Themselves

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