You did it just right, son.

— Mr. Tinkerton, feeling proud of Tommy.

Mayor Theodore Tinkerton is an animated upbeat, tight-shipping, captain-like-acting, devoted, yet anxious, nervous, freaked-outish mayor of Evergreen, a husband of Mrs. Tinkerton, a father of Tommy Tinkerton and Charlie, a son of Professor Hinkle, his unnamed mother, a father-in-law of Sara Simple and the former main antagonist (ironically, he is actually The Dragon and not the Big Bad) of The Legend of Frosty the Snowman.

Long ago (according in the comic book), young Theodore Tinkerton (his real name revealed in the back of Frosty's hat) did not believe in magic until Professor Hinkle (his father was a magician) showed him the magic act. Later that day, he borrowed his father's hat for his built snowman Frosty to magically bringing him to life for the the first time.

But soon that night, Hinkle asked Theodore to find his hat, so he spent the rest of the winter looking for Frosty and his hat, but he never found any. Years later, when Tommy and his friends had restore Frosty at Evergreen woods, and he gets to reintroduce him to Theodore to him as a Frosty Reunion.

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