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Meet the Santas is a sequel to Single Santa Seeks Mrs. Claus.


Beth is engaged to a wonderful man named Nick. The only problem is that he assumed the mantle of Santa Claus on December 26th of the previous year when his father retired. Now she must marry him on Christmas Eve and assume the duties of Mrs. Claus. Overwhelmed, she asks her mother to help; but she knows nothing of her fiance, his family, or their secret. Disregarding their wishes she plans a much bigger wedding than they wish for. As things become more and more frantic, a distraught Beth finally tells Nick she can't marry him, because she can't be Mrs. Claus and make Christmas right for the whole world; she can't even get it right for her son, Jake.

She and Jake go home and discover that there is no Christmas. Nobody has lights up or is busy planning celebrations. Without Mrs. Claus there can be no Christmas at all.

Nick apologizes and the reconciled couple discover that getting married when Christmas isn't happening is much easier; they have their ceremony on Christmas Eve, and as soon as they kiss it's back.


Actor/actress Character(s)
Steve Guttenberg Nick
Crystal Bernard Beth
Dominic Scott Kay Jake
Armin Shimerman Ernest
John Wheeler Mr. Claus
Marcia Ann Burrs Mrs. Claus
Mariette Hartley Joanna
Julie Ariola Winnie
Roark Critchlow Mark
Kelley Hazen Joanie
Jack De Mave Douglas
Margaret Blye Abigail
Tom O'Keefe (#1: Mall)
Charles Kahlenberg (#2: Party)
Stephanie Michels #1: Mall)
Julie Sanford (#2: Party)
Lyn Alicia Henderson Ms. Glenn
Blake Lindsley Amanda
Michael C. Gwynne Rev. Moran
Parker McKenna Posey Poppy Frost
Dave Clark Anchorman
Cher Calvin Anchorwoman
Joseph Oliveira Man at the house lawn
Jon Overgaauw Elf
Donna Russo (uncredited) Santa's Elf

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