Merry Matrimony is a Hallmark Channel original movie, starring Jessica Lowndes and Christopher Russell, and executive produced by Lewis Chesler & David Perlmutter, that premiered on November 22, 2015.


An ad exec for a fashion magazine lands her dream assignment to organize the perfect Christmas wedding. Just one thing. The photographer she's been partnered with is her ex-boyfriend. She's got to bring her A game, while working through unresolved feelings.


Jessica LowndesBrie Traverston
Christopher RussellEddie Chapman
Jennifer GibsonIsabella Elias
Steve BoyleGeorge McIntrye
Farrah AvivaMegan
Toby ProctorPhil
Siobhan MurphyJulie
David RealeJared Gallagan
Anthony UlcStanley
Julie KhanerCarol
Deborah LobbanBaker
Bailey LombardKid #1
Louise PitreClaudia
Raven StewartKatie

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