"Merry Winter Wish" is a Christmas episode from the fourteenth season of Thomas and Friends. Michael Angelis narrated it.



Knapford Station is to be decorated with lots of festive lights, including one big special light - the Star of Knapford. Thomas is given the job of delivering the special light from Brendam to Knapford, but Salty arrives with some exciting news. He tells the engines that engines and people can make wishes upon the star and maybe, just maybe, those wishes will come true. Thomas is now even more excited and sets off with his special.

At a junction, Thomas sees Percy clatter over a bridge and thinks that Percy would like to make a wish. He chases Percy and finally catches up with him. Percy makes his wish and Thomas sets off once again. Next, Thomas sees Henry. Thomas thinks that Henry might like to make a wish, too. So he follows him to Tidmouth Sheds where Henry does make a wish. Finally, Thomas sees James whizz past. Thomas chases after James to see if he would like to make a wish. Thomas follows James up Gordon's Hill, but coming down the other side, Thomas slips and slides on the icy rails and can't stop. When he finally does grind to halt, the star flies off his flatbed and through the air and crashes onto the tracks in front of Thomas. Thomas' then wishes on the broken star that his friends will come and help him. His wish comes true when a concerned Henry, James, and Percy arrive to help.

Percy keeps an eye on the star, Henry collects some workmen to fix it, and James and Thomas fetch Rocky. The star is soon mended and the friends chuff quickly to Knapford. Once there, the star is lifted into place on the station's roof. Everyone claps and cheers when the star is lit up. Thomas apologizes for his friend's wishes not coming true, but they have! Henry, James, and Percy reveal that their wishes were that they'd all be under the Star of Knapford together.


  • Almost every television guide in the UK refers to this episode as "Thomas' Winter Wish", which may mean this was the episode's original name in the British version.
  • The pump car can be seen in a siding at Knapford.

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