"Met Someone" is the Christmas episode of the NBC sitcom Mad About You. Written by co-creator Danny Jacobson, it is produced and aired as the eleventh episode of its first season.


In a flashback to when Paul and Jamie first met at Christmas 1989, it's revealed that it wasn't love at first sight for them when Paul tries hard to persuade a reluctant, workaholic Jamie to leave her office and go out with him for the first time


Paul ReiserPaul Buchman
Helen HuntJamie Buchman
Tommy HinkleyJay Selby
Anne Ramsay (credit)Lisa Stemple
Richard KindDr. Mark Devanow
Leila KenzleFran Devanon
Wayne TippitManny Gantz
David ArnottLester
Lisa KudrowKaren
Kathryn SpitzDana
Maui (Dog; uncredited)Murray

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