Mice Meeting You is a theatrical cartoon short produced by Famous Studios for Paramount Pictures and released on November 10, 1950. It is part of the Noveltoons series and features the first pairing of the later-getting-their-own-series characters Herman and Katnip.


Katnip is out in the cold, cold snow; but he thinks maybe he won't go hungry this Christmas. He sees a warm house with a warm fire, and a lot of warm mice about to have a nice, hot turkey dinner. Katnip scams his way into the house by disguising himself as Santa Claus. And then he chases the mice into their hole by throwing Christmas ornaments at them. Cousin Herman arrives and is tantalized by the tempting aroma of the turkey. The sad mice show Herman why they're all shivering in their freezing hole. There's Katnip at the fireplace hanging up an enormous stocking next to a very long Christmas list. But wily Herman is not about to let a mangy cat dampen everyone's holiday spirits.

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