Mike Chang is a main character from the Fox musical comedy-drama show Glee. He is also a former member of New Directions and the McKinley Titans. Mike, along with his friends Matt Rutherford and Noah Puckerman, joins Glee Club in Preggers after winning their first football game with the club's help.

Also known as the "Other Asian," he is usually referred to by his full name of Mike Chang and is considered to be the New Directions' best male dancer. In Season Two, Mike also gained more confidence about his singing after doing a duet with Tina Cohen-Chang (whom he began dating in Audition), during the episode Duets. He and Tina were the couple that had lasted the longest, only having a few arguments occasionally and problems about their futures. They stayed together for two seasons. Their streak ended in episode "The New Rachel" of Season Four, where it is revealed that they broke up when Mike moved to Chicago to attend college.

Mike was a recurring character in Season One and Season Two, but was made a regular for Season Three to Season Four. He became a recurring character again in Season Five and Season Six. Mike is currently attending the Joffrey Ballet Academy of Dance in Chicago, but returns to McKinley at times to be the dance coach for the New Directions.

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