Milo is the protagonist of Disney's Fish Hooks, and is labeled a "party guy." He is the brother of Oscar and best friends with Bea.

In "Merry Fishmas, Milo", Milo is excited and invites all of his friends to his and Oscar's Christmas party, but Oscar cannot go because of his pimples under stress. Milo grants the Christmas wish and meets Fish Santa to cheer him up with Christmas magic. After Fish Santa got broken arms, Milo asks Bea to help him and save Christmas. Milo dresses up as an elf and delivers presents with Bea as Santa Claus. After they are done, he and Bea see Oscar as the treetop star and Fish Santa is healed and makes the Christmas party for anybody. Milo, Bea and Fish Santa say "This is a best Christmas party ever."

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