Milo Danger Murphy (his middle name is pronounced "don-gé") is the eponymous protagonist of the Disney animated television series Milo Murphy's Law. He is the 13-year-old descendant of the creator of Murphy's Law (which, in the series, refers not to the real-life Edward A. Murphy Jr., but rather a sheriff in the old west who was Milo's great-great-great-great-grandfather). As such, he has a reputation for having unexpected accidents and catastrophes occurring wherever he goes. Despite all the bad things that happen around him, though, Milo carries a cheerful, optimistic outlook on life, along with his backpack, which he has loaded with things to prepare for any such eventuality.

Naturally, Milo's only role in a Christmas special was the series' Christmas episode, "A Christmas Peril". In it, he decides to surprise his parents, Martin and Brigette, for Christmas by bringing the whole Murphy family together for Christmas, something they haven't done in years.

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