Milton is a character featured in Rudolph and Frosty's Christmas in July. He is an ice cream delivery man who gives out ice cream at the sea shore in an unnamed American town (presumably located in Florida). He stocks his ice cream at the North Pole so that it does not melt (it is never explained why he does not have a freezer to keep the ice cream in).

During a trip to the North Pole to make one of his deliveries, Milton asks Rudolph for help as his girlfriend, Lanie Loraine and her mother, Lilly Loraine, are in trouble as their circus is in danger of foreclosure due to being in heavy debt. Rudolph agrees to come to assist, bringing Frosty and his family to help as well. However, during the Fourth of July fireworks, Rudolph is tricked into helping Sam Spangles steals the box office earnings, and Rudolph, accepts the blame to protect Frosty's family from melting, causing his nose to be extinguished and his performance in the circus to suffer as well. Milton is unable to believe that Rudolph would become a criminal. Things get worse when it is discovered that Winterbolt has stolen Frosty's magic hat, leaving him inanimate again.

Just as Sam arrives to kick Lanie and Lilly out, Rudolph returns with Frosty's hat, the money, and a policeman, with his nose lit once more. Sam is arrested while the money is returned to Lilly, but when Winterbolt arrives to deal with everyone personally, he perishes when Lilly uses her iron revolvers to shatter his Ice Scepter. Milton soon discovers that Frosty's family has melted since the magic of the amulets they were wearing expired with Winterbolt. Luckily, Big Ben arrives with Jack Frost, who is able to revive Frosty's family, before Santa and Jessica arrive to take them home to the North Pole. Milton and Lanie see them off from a hot air balloon, while Rudolph remains with Lilly's circus to help it until it is out of debt.

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