"Miracle on 34th Street and Rural Route 1" is the Christmas episode of the Fox Kids animated series Bobby's World.


It is Christmas eve, and Bobby is about to go on an adventure to celebrate Christmas with his grandfather. He thinks of the story he would tell his grandchildren. Mom had some Fiber Filled Holiday Biscuits. As they went on their car to Grandpa's house. The children are sick of the old music. Mom tells them to sing a new Christmas carol about Snow, Frosty the Snowman, the Knight before Christmas, the 3 Wise Men, the Round Young Virgin and Santa Claus and his 8 reindeer. As they reach Grandpa's house, Uncle Fred hangs the mistletoe. They put up the Christmas tree and added lots of lights, ornaments and tinsel, and Bobby hands the star to put on the tree. Bobby wishes for his Captain Squash Game Master. Uncle Fred overloads the socket and Bobby's family together has a wonderful Christmas dinner with turkey, mashed potatoes, peas and cranberries. He says, "Grace" before eating. But they talked about the dinner and fought with words. Luckily, the doorbell rang and the fighting stopped and carollers sang by the door. Just then, they smell smoke. The socket is overloaded and a fire starts on the Christmas tree. The family escapes the house and Bobby is sure he will not get his game master. After the fire is put out and the firefighters finish their job, the family fights each other and argues. Then, Bobby stops the arguing and they go to what is left of the Christmas tree. Bobby sees his Captain Squash Game Master did not burn, but his cousin's did and he gave the Captain Squash Game Master to his cousin, He learned the true meaning of Christmas. Then it snows and they put everything in the barn and they sang a great Christmas carol. The next morning, everyone goes back home and Homer goes back to bed after his wonderful Christmas.

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