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The Misfit Toys introducing themselves to Rudolph, Hermey, and Yukon.

The residents of the Island of Misfit Toys are a group of characters from the Rankin/Bass television special Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. They are sentient toys who all have some strange quirk about them. Because of said quirks, these toys feel that there is no human child who could possibly want to play with them. As such, King Moonracer brings them to stay on the island until suitable owners can be found.

In the special, Rudolph, Hermey, and Yukon Cornelius first encounter the Misfit Toys upon accidentally landing on their island. The Misfit Toys explain their predicament to the trio through the song "The Most Wonderful Day of the Year". In the special's original broadcast, this was the toys' only scene, with the only resolution to their subplot being Santa Claus promising to find homes for them after Rudolph tells him about the island, and later saying that the island would be his first stop on his annual run that year. When viewers complained about not seeing the full resolution to this, the following year's broadcast added a new scene to the ending, showing Santa arriving to pick up the Misfit Toys, which has remained in all subsequent releases of the special.

Some of the original Misfit Toys reappeared in Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and the Island of Misfit Toys, which also featured several new inhabitants to the island. In that movie, the original Misfit Toys are abducted from their new homes by the villainous Toy Taker. After Rudolph and his friends catch the Toy Taker as he's kidnapping the island's new residents, the original Misfit Toys are brought back to their homes.

In addition, the most prominent Misfit Toys from the original special also starred in a midquel graphic novel titled The Island of Misfit Toys, published for the special's 50th anniversary in 2014.