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Mister and Mistletoe is the second and final theatrical animated Christmas short starring Popeye the Sailor, produced by Famous Studios and originally released by Paramount Pictures on September 30, 1955.


It's Christmas Eve at Olive's house with Popeye and his nephews, who bid them good night. Bluto arrives late and decides to disguise himself as Santa Claus. He then keeps Popeye busy with tree trimming duties as he concentrates on copping a sneaker at Olive. When his beard catches on fire and burns off, his disguise is revealed. He reverts back to his usual self and chases Olive around the house until Popeye can spinach up and kick his butt back to the North Pole. The nephews awaken and come down to see their toys as Popeye, now in a Santa guise himself, can't fool them who recognize and ask him if he got them their gifts.


Voice actor Character
Jack Mercer Popeye
Mae Questel Olive Oyl
Jackson Beck Bluto

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