My home is out there somewhere. I just have to find it!

— Mistletoe

Mistletoe is the secondary main character in the movie Spookley and the Christmas Kittens, in which he tries to find his way home.


Mistletoe, once he gets to know you, is a true friend to the end. He'll do everything in his power to help out a friend, no matter what the circumstance may be. He looks after his friends and tries to keep them safe. He is very determined to finish whatever task he has set his mind to, although he can be a little apprehensive in new situations. He never gives up despite the odds. Mistletoe is also very brave and can be quite selfless. Above all he values the aspects of home where he and his friends are loved and kept safe and warm.


Mistletoe is a green cat with a red, white, and green striped tail and red paws with a strip of white around his wrists. The fur surrounding his mouth is also white as well as the tuft of fur on his chest which is shaped like a heart. He has yellow eyes and a pink nose. He wears a brown leather collar around his throat with a silver nameplate that has his name inscribed in it. Two silver bells hang from his collar as well as a pendant of the Christmas star.

Role in the special

Although Mistletoe may not have seemed like the friendliest character at first, his attitude quickly changes as the movie progress, as he learns about the values of friendship and putting others before yourself. After losing his memory, all Mistletoe wanted to do was find his way home. Even while lost alone and cold in the woods, he didn't want any friends, just a way home. So when he receives a surprise visit from a overly joyous raccoon named Leon who claimed that he had what Mistletoe needed, he is shocked to find out that he was tricked into adopting three kittens named Scat, Scram, and Shoo. But he quickly comes to like the kittens, especially when he finds out they don't have a home either. He starts to value the friendship that Spookley and the Kittens offer him, and eventually decides to help Spookley get the kittens back to the farm instead of finding his home. Only when he gets to farm does he realize that that was meant to be his home all along. Not only does Mistletoe find his home, but he also learned a valuable lesson about friendship and selflessness on the way. A message that all children can imitate, as well as instilling the value of home and family in children.


  • Mistletoe's tail curls whenever he hears his name.
  • Incidentally, he named the kittens.
  • He never did discover that Leon was Santa Claus.
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