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Finnegan J. Beet III, also known as Mr. Beet is the owner of Beet's Alpine Sweets.


Mr. Beet runs the Alpine Suites in the high mountains. One night, he refused a woman to stay his hotel for a night because she couldn't pay. This resulted him bad publicity to everyone and became a grump ever since.

When the Veggietones came over to stay at his hotel, he wasn't happy with their visit for various reasons (ie, staying in one room and trying to eat food for free, especially his chocolate roses) and asked them how they're gonna pay for the food. Mirabelle compassionately suggested they can work at the place until it's all payed out and when the weather clears up, which he reluctantly agrees. After Bob was getting tired entertaining guests, he suggested Mr. Beet that the Veggietones can be useful to help entertain the hotel guests, which he also reluctantly agrees as there's no one else around.

One night, Mirabelle was giving Mr. Beet his dinner when she noticed his collection of records, which he states that music helps him feel calm. Mirabelle suggested he should take singing lessons, but he refused to. However, he let her to teach him, though it took some time. After briefly telling Mirabelle about what happened before, Finnegan blew up and wonders why she is being so nice, in which she responds that God shows us love regardless how they act.

When the Veggietones were about to leave, Beet felt sad that they're going to be gone, especially what Mirabelle showed him. He was very happy when they came back, but was shocked that a avalanche was going to hit the family. So he used a snowmobile and heroically saves them from trouble. Beet told Mirabelle that she actually saved him and helped him to become a better person and now his reputation is greater for his grateful attitude.


At first, Mr. Beet was a grump and didn't like company a lot, though he is compassionate at times.

Once the Veggitones entered his life, he started becoming better thanks to Mirabelle teaching him how to sing and being nice to him. Finnegan realized he can show love to any one at any time. He turned nice after Mirabelle's kindness.

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