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"Mr. Elf" is the second Christmas episode of YTV's comedy series Mr. Young, produced and aired as the second episode of its third season.


The episode begins with the science class outside discussing mistletoe. Adam attempts to use it to kiss Echo, but Rudolph shows up instead. They use Rudolph to return him to the North Pole, where Derby ends up falling in love with Mrs. Claus. Santa, however, shows Adam the workshop, and Adam mentions how having an automated workshop will now make him no longer need the elves, resulting in them getting fired. Adam attempts to give them a job to Ivy, but Ivy is shown being a very cruel worker. Adam then calls Santa, but however, he rejects allowing them to work again. Adam and Derby sneak into the North Pole, where Derby keeps annoying Mr. Young, and they end up having to fly Mrs. Claus out of the North Pole to take her to the mall. When they return, Derby blows their cover and then shorts out the machine. Santa hires the elves once again, where Derby plays with a toy not belonging to him, and ends up getting tased.

Meanwhile, Echo starts giving gifts to the teachers, but the gifts Slab gives prove to be better, resulting in competition. Principal Tater finds out about this, and because he does not get a gift, he tries to find a way to get a gift for Christmas.

This episode, also like the first holiday special, "Mr. Claus", is also Derby's dream. But it is presumably that Adam tased Derby as he is shown carrying a taser. The episode ends with Adam using the taser on the lights of Finnegan High's holiday tree.


Actor/actress Character
Brendan Meyer Adam Young
Matreya Fedor Echo
Gig Morton Derby
Emily Tennant Ivy Young
Kurt Ostlund Slab
Milo Shandel Principal Tater
Paula Shaw Mrs. Byrne
Jay Brazeau Santa
Cindy Busby Mrs. Clause
Bree Greig Mrs. Strawperson
Seth Isaac Johnson Burlap Sack E.T.
Michael Strusievici Alfie
Ianthe Tavernier (voice) Echo


  • Dang is not in this episode as Principal Tater mentions that he went on a cruise because of Slab's gift.


  • Adam and Derby ride a bike with a sack in the front, resembling the famous scene from E. T. the Extra-Terrestrial, in which this episode is produced that year to concide with the movie's 30th Anniversary.
  • Santa's statement after he is woken up by the Elfamatic breaking is a reference to the classic poem A Visit from St. Nicholas.

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