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Mr. Herriman is a major character from the Cartoon Network animated series Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. He is an anthropomorphic rabbit who is the imaginary friend of Madame Foster. As such, he is the president/head of the titular house, and is Frankie's boss. He is an organized, proper, uptight, stern, lawful, rules-oriented but still somewhat naive rabbit.

In the series' Christmas Special, "A Lost Claus", Mr. Herriman fears he is unable to give anyone presents this year, due to budget cuts, and decides he should just give one gift to everyone. Bloo does not approve of this, so he appears before Mr. Herriman in the middle of the night, disguised as three ghosts, saying that he should not give the friends just one present. However, Mr. Herriman misinterprets the "ghosts"' statement and thinks he simply shouldn't give them any presents. Thus, at the end of the episode, when Santa Claus actually has brought presents to all the imaginary friends (except Bloo, who received a mountain of coal), Mr. Herriman is seen begging the nonexistent spirits to forgive his apparent mistake.

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